Our story

When makeup makes it happen

We believe the definition of beauty is different for each individual but for us it is about an open-minded, no rule and creative artistry. An expression of feelings, mood or attitude to match everything from your current state of mind to a new outfit. We believe beauty starts from within and is an expression of a certain passion. Our genuin passion is to explore beauty in all unexpected ways.

What we want to do

MILI Cosmetics vision is to be that bit of an extra sparkle in your already sparkling life. Our mission is to provide the latest and most updated beauty products on the market. We embrace the future of cosmetics and want to take you with us on the journey into the future of beauty. 

Who are we

Creative genius and award-winning entrepreneur Mika Liias have dedicated his life to creative design, developing beauty products always a few steps ahead, discovering and paving way for new trends within beauty and design. Mika was the sole founder of the cosmetic brand Make Up Store and acted as their designer and product developer for many years developing most of their signature products. 

Originating from Sweden, Mika and his trailblazing team undeniably bring the nordic perception of clean natural beauty into the brand as well as the nordic light with its wide spectrum of colors combining clean and natural with colorful and extraordinary. 

Let us take you there

Our greatest passion is to create the moments when makeup makes it happen.